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The vivid and nuanced synthesis of biology, history, and social writing, Vagina explores the personal, political, And spiritual implications for women—and for community as one whole—in the startling series of recent technological discoveries from the writer whose belief and great ability have propelled her works to the tops of bestseller lists, And hard into this realm of contemporary classics. Naomi savage is the author of seven books, including the New York Times bestsellers that woman story, Promiscuities, Misconceptions, the point of earth, and let Me freedom. She publishes for this New democracy, period, that Wall Street book, the New York Times, Huffington Post, Al Jazeera, La Repubblica, and this sun period (London) , among many other publications. She lives with her home at NYC.

This vagina dentata is the all-pervasive example of fear, happening throughout old mythology: `` vagina dentata-the vagina with bones-is the old anxious picture that flows through folklore, mythology, literature, art and humankind's dreamworld. Shooting and snarling, emasculating and mutilating forces, this story of the canal dentata is to be seen from region to Latin America, across continent, and in India and Europe too. The omnipotence of the theme of the devouring vagina has also lasted millennia, with some civilizations' creation mythology permeated with castrating and toxic pictures '' (Catherine Blackledge, 2003). Empress Blackledge talks about the vagina dentata in size in her novel that tale of V: `` For some the most potent of all vaginal myths and superstitions, this vagina dentata is Also, perhaps, the most common. Its prevalence in the world is impressive. Sexy folklore seethes with tales of shooting vaginal bones '' (2003) . She defines this vagina dentata as `` the emasculating, castrating fearsome toothed organ the thirsty mouth. The gluttonous gullet. The toothed, varoacious, hungry, greedy chasm ''.

In humans that vagina is around 9 centimetres (3.5 inches) long on median; it is placed in side of the rectum and behind the sac. The high part of the canal connects to the neck of the womb. This vaginal line is narrowest in the top and lower ends. At most virgins, the outer entrance to the vagina is partly closed by the thin fold of paper called the hymen. This passage (vaginal orifice) is part covered by this labia majora.  (Britannica)

Vaginitis is the inflammation of the covering of the canal. Vulvitis is the inflammation of this vulva. Vulvovaginitis is the inflammation of this vulva and canal. At these places there is inflammation of these tissues, which sometimes results to vaginal flow. These reasons represent contagion (Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, Escheria coli, Neisseria gonorhea, Chlamydia trachomatis, Trichomas vaginalis, Mycoplasma hominis, likewise HPV, Cytomegalovirus, etc. ). Potential cases are also irritants in the manner of meat or objects, tumours or other irregular build-up of paper, irradiation therapy, medicines and hormonal changes.