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Neither Fresh nor Champions

Not whatever in this life is black and white. Not whatever in this life ought to be governed by the prejudices that have actually been implanted in our minds considering that we have making use of factor. In terms of sex, neither females are cool nor men are champions.

It is popular understanding that society is governed by stereotypes in order to have the ability to generalize the population itself, dealing with everyone who are part of that "chunk" in which we have been included as equates to.

The principle of "stereotype" does not indicate negativeness, just a limited vision without the pretense of surpassing what impressions can cause in us. And it is that, although we try not to fall under the temptation of generalization, we do it unconsciously ... Some of the most popular stereotypes are the "social" ones, those that incorporate concepts from "all Catalans are tight" to the normal "a The Chinese are proficient at mathematics.

What do foreigners believe when Spain is pointed out to them? In paella, in bullfighting, in flamenco ... That, ladies and gentlemen, are stereotypes ... Somewhat absurd and tendentious to the embarrassment of others, however that is another concern in which we must not be involved today.

In advertising they end up being a frequently used resource, as they can become an effective tool with which to reach your target audience. But not all are stereotypes of this caliber, since the most hazardous do not reside in our location of origin and/or culture; rather in our genre.

Gender stereotypes are those that allow us, with some mistake, to verify that "ladies are governed entirely and specifically by feelings, something that makes them weak" or that "guys get lost carrying out numerous tasks at the same time".

Years ago, when machismo was a lot more overstated and prominent than it is now, gender stereotypes made a certain amount of sense, due to the fact that both men and women securely thought that they ought to remain in the kitchen area while they sipped their whiskey while checking out the newspaper. or watched television. Everyone was pleased. After all, each one was anchored to their function in life ...

Now, although we believe that a lot of these ideas have actually been absolutely vaporized, it is through some remarks heard from anyone's mouth that we can realize that this is not actually the case. There are lots of males who judge females; women who evaluate males, and what is simply as bad and even surprising: guys who evaluate other men and, above all, women who judge other ladies. And it is in matters of sex that you can clearly see what the mindset of each of us is.

From the very minute that our sexuality begins to establish, a space opens in our conditioned mind to truly believe that men have a greater right than ladies to delight in sex.

If you are a male who has been fortunate (or not) to have had many sexual experiences, congratulations! Your manhood has been confirmed. You are a champ from head to toe. Wow, a national hero, some would say.

If it turns out that rather of a man, you are a female who has been lucky enough (or not) to have had lots of sexual experiences, ugh ... I don't understand how you dare. A genuine female shouldn't spread her legs so wide. Maybe it's due to the fact that you're a little cool. Beware what you do because, obviously, regard for you will reduce.

If you have 2 fingers in front you will recognize that the speech just represented is nothing more than lies, also generalized, of what we tend to do as quickly as a male and/ or a female talks about their intimate relationships.

Although it is challenging for some to comprehend, it needs to be time for all of us, both males and females, to be complimentary to have (safe) sex with those who please us, without having to feel judged by the number of individuals who enjoy us. escort to bed.

It is essential that in that area that was opened in our heads throughout our teenage years destined to "contempt" towards gender, it be inhabited by equality. We are convinced that one day, the female, much like the man, will explain to those near her that she "has actually banged 2 on the very same day", to which the others will respond: "Fuck auntie, what a fracture".